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  • Tested Strong

    Tested Strong

    ACCOR products are designed to withstand a 1000 psi test, that’s 10 times the standard residential water pressure!
  • Designer Approved

    Designer Approved

    ACCOR’s unique color finishes and included matching connectors and escutcheons integrate beautifully with different home styles.
  • Dual Steel Gripper Rings

    Dual Steel Gripper Rings

    The only valve with two strong stainless steel rings of sharp teeth to grip pipe tight. No inserts required.
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ACCOR® Technology Inc.

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Supply Stop Valves

PUSHON® Technology Inside

Our Mission

Since its inception in 1988, ACCOR’s mission has been to design and manufacture American-made, innovative, health-safe plumbing fittings that are the easiest to install, most reliable, and most cost-effective for the plumbing trade.

Industry Innovators
ACCOR pioneered the first “push-fit” supply stop valve creating a whole new plumbing valve application superior to compression and crimp-on style fittings. ACCOR continues to lead the market with innovative features such as the first one valve to fit on all pipes, the first factory attached reinforced, flexible connectors to eliminate joint leaks, the first (and only) positive shut-off with a non-deteriorating design mechanism, and the first (and only) to solve the expensive problem of replacing aging compression valve installations.

ACCOR’s automation process and quality control system enables ACCOR to confidently provide to its customers the best warranty in the plumbing industry. This unique 10 year limited warranty for residential construction includes labor. ACCOR Technology is a company that you can trust and is used and recommended by the Top Builders and Plumbers in North America. 

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