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Supply Stop Valves

Valve Only - Supply Stops

Clean White Finish
One Valve Fits All

ACCOR Supply Stops are designed for new construction or “clean pipe” applications using PEX, CPVC or Copper pipe. Available with 3/8” and ¼” outlets. Whatever your need, you’ll find our push-fit plumbing fittings to be a great solution.

Easy to Install

No tools required, just push valve onto pipe. Twist-off to remove. Just ask our customers — this easy push-fit solution has saved them time and money by eliminating costly labor and service calls.

Positive Shutoff

ACCOR’s no-stick, push/pull handle simplifies water shutoff at valve for emergency situations.

Multiple Finishes

ACCOR’s unique color finishes and included matching escutcheons integrate beautifully with different home styles compared to industrial looking conventional angle stop valves and connectors. Match the home fixtures with a clean white look, brushed chrome or oil-rubbed bronze look.



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