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Dishwasher Supply Stop Valves

cat F 4all v3

FlowTite® 4ALL® Dishwasher Arrester Expansion Supply Kit - 3/8" comp. Nut - w/o Elbow

Polymer Arrestor Stainless Steel Arrestor
Polymer Arrestor|Stainless Steel Arrestor||| Polymer Arrestor|Stainless Steel Arrestor|||


FlowTite® 4ALL Dishwasher Arrester Expansion Supply Kit W/O Elbow with factory attached PVC flexible connector with manifold tee and polymer or stainless steel arrester x 3/8" comp. nut with escutcheon.

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FlowTite R-SERIES Compression Valve Replacement

Installs Over Old Brass Ferrule

Compression Valve Replacement?

10 Year WarrantyTested to 1000 PSINo Tools Needed2X Gripper Power

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