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ACCOR Technology Offers Free Trial of Push-Fit Supply Stop Valves


July 20, 2015


Jill Neumeister, Orca Design Group
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ACCOR’s PUSHON® R-SERIES® and PUSHON® PEX valves work for any plumbing job, whether new or remodel, PEX, CPVC or copper pipes.

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Busy remodelers and contractors know how time-consuming the replacement of old stop valves can get. The labor costs alone — for cutting off the old valve and installing a new in-wall stub-out — can add up fast. And installing new, softer plastic PEX pipe brings its own challenges in securing a supply stop that adheres regardless of the varying OD of PEX pipe.

ACCOR® Technology has the solution that saves both time and money — and invites contractors and remodelers to try its products at no cost.

ACCOR’s PUSHON® R-SERIES® for replacing old compression valves on existing copper and CPVC pipes completely eliminates the problem of replacing stub-outs due to the bothersome leftover ferrule. The ACCOR valves install right over the old brass ferrule — the only stop valves on the market to do so. Installation requires only removing the compression valve and pressing the PUSHON® product over the old ferrule for a secure fit (tested to over 1,000 psi) — no need to labor over a new stub-out.

Through Sept. 30 2015, the company is offering contractors and remodelers free samples of the PUSHON® R-SERIES® and the PUSHON® PEX toilet supply stop valves with 12-inch attached supply line in brushed chrome. To request the samples, go to

Whatever the remodeling project, new PEX or old copper and CPVC pipes, ACCOR’s push-fit valves will do the job.

“After 27 years in business, we are so certain that remodelers will like our products, we want them to try both solutions for free,” says ACCOR Technology CEO Jerry O’Neill. “Our customers, some of the largest plumbers in the country, can’t say enough about the time and money they save because of the ease of installation and guaranteed leak-free reliability of our supply valves. Remodelers and builders will experience the same quality benefits.”

The PUSHON® supply stop valve doesn’t require any tools or glue, regardless of the type of use — you simply press them onto the pipe. The connectors are pre-attached at the factory, so the valve is guaranteed to eliminate joint leaks.

Additionally, the PUSHON® PEX for new PEX pipes is the only push-fit supply valve that offers added reliability with dual-gripper rings for a tight fit on all PEX pipe.

The ACCOR® products have been installed in more than 2.5 million homes. The company, which manufactures its push-fit valves in the USA, completely stands behind its product. Its 10-year warranty includes labor — and it’s one of the best warranties in the industry.

For more information about ACCOR® products, go to


About ACCOR® Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1988, ACCOR® Technology, Inc. is the industry pioneer and market leader in push-fit stop valves. Its patented PUSHON® technology revolutionized the market by introducing a simple, tools-free solution. The company offers products through four brands, FlowTite® 4ALL®, FlowTite® R-Series®, PUSHON® PEX and PUSHON® R-Series®. ACCOR® proudly makes its products in the USA and offers the best warranty in the industry.

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