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Wednesday, 30 November 2022 17:55

American Plumbers Share the Passion for their Profession


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Accor Technology is no stranger to charting new territory. From the beginning, ACCOR’s products have been lead-free and manufactured in the United States.  ACCOR developed the one-piece system, an industry first, that eliminates joint leaks with its factory-attached connector. It was the first to break ground in what would prove to bring major change to the plumbing industry.

American Plumber Stories is also charting new territory by highlighting a road map for a path less traveled by men and women entering the workforce. The show features the stories of plumbers around the nation including how they got started in the plumbing trade and the passion they have for their profession. These stories show how they built a career that allows them to lead financially rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Being a plumber isn't just a “good job”, it's a “great job.” Accor Technology supports experienced professionals and those who pursue a career in the trades. The plumbing trade is for everyone, and we love to see the passion and innovation they have for their profession.

Are you an American Plumber? What do you like most about your work as a plumber?  American Plumber Stories features plumbers across the nation, sharing the passion they have for their profession. Learn how they got started, their advice for future plumbers, and the rewards that come with the trade. Tag us at #AccorTechnology and share your own story:


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New episodes of American Plumber Stories can now be watched on Interested plumbers who would like to share their own story can do so here:


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