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June 2, 2015

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New ACCOR Technology Website Provides Enhanced Information for Plumbing Professionals


KIRKLAND, Wash. — ACCOR® Technology, Inc., the market leader in supply stop valves, has launched a new website to help plumbing industry professionals and homeowners take better advantage of the company’s patented PUSHON® Technology.

The website,, provides a more visual way of understanding the benefits and applications of push-fit products. Geared both to professionals and do-it-yourselfers, the website includes specification sheets, how-to videos, product catalogs, detailed illustrations, facts about ACCOR’s exclusive 10-year warranty (including labor) and other information.

“The goal of the redesigned website is to introduce our customers to the unique and superior, innovative features of the PUSHON® technology.” said CEO Jerry O’Neill.

ACCOR’s two brands — PUSHON® for MRO distributors and FlowTite® for the wholesale market — offer more than a hundred products, such as valves and flexible connectors, for sinks, toilets, dishwashers and ice-makers. The products are available both for new construction and remodel/replacement and are manufactured in the United States.

As the pioneer of push-fit supply stop valves, ACCOR® has revolutionized the plumbing industry. The PUSHON® technology introduced a simple, efficient solution that doesn’t require tools for installation. The new website provides customers with information that helps them find solutions for their specific needs.

“With the increased popularity of push-fit products, it’s important to know the difference between the common engage-and-release designs and the superior ACCOR patented designs,” O’Neill said. “The ACCOR® valves for new construction (FlowTite® 4ALL® and PUSHON® PEX brands) rely on two internal nonmovable, stainless-steel gripper rings for an increased margin of safety, especially on smaller diameter PEX pipe.”

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About ACCOR® Technology, Inc.

Founded in 1988, ACCOR® Technology, Inc. is the industry pioneer and market leader in push-fit stop valves. Its patented PUSHON® technology revolutionized the market by introducing a simple, tools-free solution. The company offers products through four brands, FlowTite® 4ALL®, FlowTite® R-Series®, PUSHON® PEX and PUSHON® R-Series®. ACCOR® proudly makes its products in the USA and offers the best warranty in the industry.

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