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Accor Technology is no stranger to charting new territory. From the beginning, ACCOR’s products have been lead-free and manufactured in the United States. ACCOR developed the one-piece system, an industry first, that eliminates joint leaks with its factory-attached connector. It was the first to break ground in what would prove to bring major change to the plumbing industry.


New Product: 4ALL BOX Icemaker

New Icemaker Box Builds on ACCOR’s Reputation for Reliability

For nearly two decades, ACCOR® Technology has been a pioneer in delivering innovative products linking piping systems to appliances and fixtures within the home.

Our newest product, 4ALL® BOX, addresses the long-term liability of hidden in-wall water leaks from ice maker valves. Let’s face it, nobody likes callbacks — or worse, a leaking issue a few months after installation, adding hundreds or thousands of dollars to the cost of the completed job.

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Valve-To-Pipe Connection Fully Contained Inside Box

With 4ALL BOX, the valve-to-pipe connection is fully contained inside a sturdy box, and extra protection is provided by a secondary O-ring that seals the box to pipe. And because we know that the valve is the most important component of the ice maker box, we are excited to pair 4ALL BOX with the FlowTite 4ALL valve, which has been installed in more than 3 million new homes since 1988. a preinstalled ACCOR’s FlowTite® 4ALL valve is pre-installed with an 84-inch connector attached at the factory— giving you additional assurance by eliminating potential leaky joints. And we back this promise with a 10-year residential warranty.

The 4ALL BOX fits any type of pipe — PEX, copper and CPVC. Stainless steel hydraulic crimps offer maximum resistance to corrosion. Options include ice maker box with valve only, one-piece valve with connector, stainless-steel arrester or with polymer arrester.

The 4ALL BOX comes with a tapered drain knockout that can be removed without falling into the drain. A tough protective cover is included that keeps the valve clean, and eliminates paint and mud cleanup.

Reliable Quality Made In The USA

Manufactured in the USA, our newest product builds on our promise to deliver innovative products that are cost-effective and are more reliable than foreign imports that have little or no warranty.

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New Product: 4ALL BOX Washing Machine


The 4ALL® BOX for Washing Machines seals ACCOR’s reliable FlowTite valves to pipe within the box for reduced liability

Hidden in-wall leaks and the resulting expensive cost of damages is every homeowner’s nightmare — and any contractor’s liability concern. Out of sight, the leak can go on undetected for a long time, incurring not only the costs of plumbing repairs but also the possibility of mitigating mold and replacing the drywall.

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Eliminates Potential of In-Wall Leaks

ACCOR Technology’s newest product, 4ALL BOX, eliminates the potential of in-wall leaks for washing machine valve-to-pipe connections. The unique design of the 4ALL BOX contains those connections inside a sturdy, fully sealed box reducing overall long-term liability for plumbers and builders. The 4ALL BOX compliments ACCOR’s FlowTite® 4ALL valves, which have been trusted by contractors for nearly three decades and have been installed in more than 3 million new homes.

Our patented PUSHON® technology has been proven to eliminate leaks from valve connections, and we brought the same reliable design to 4ALL BOX. We used a secondary O-ring outside the box to seal the box to the pipe, and we added a protective cover to eliminate cleanup as well as callbacks.

Adapts to Jobsite

Designed to fit copper, CPVC and all PEX pipes, the 4ALL box offers flexible installation based on the job. Install it on the side of the stud using front and back tabs, or in between studs using jobsite pipe. Or mount two side-by-side boxes on a single stud, so the valves and the drainage can be separated into adjacent bays. A condensation funnel or AAV can be added as an option.

Reliable Quality Made In The USA

The 4ALL BOX and Made-in-USA FlowTite 4ALL valves are more reliable than foreign imports. The valves have a dual gripper ring design tested to 1,000psi and are available with or without arresters and are backed by a written 10-year residential warranty. We’re excited to unveil yet another quality product line linking piping systems to appliances and fixtures within the home.

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New Product: 4ALL BOX for Washing Machines and Ice Makers

ACCOR Technology Announces New 4ALL BOX

Since revolutionizing the market nearly three decades ago with our patented PUSHON® Technology, ACCOR Technology, Inc. has continued to innovate. In line with our mission to design and manufacture innovative products, we have released our newest solution: 4ALL® BOX.

Designed for washing machines and icemakers, the versatile 4ALL BOX helps prevent costly hidden in-wall leaks by sealing our reliable FlowTite 4ALL valve to a pipe connection within the box, and a secondary O-ring seals the box to the pipe. This design helps minimize liability for builders, while protecting homeowners from costly damage repairs due to water leaks.

“We use our patented PUSHON® technology as the core of new designs, incorporating this technology in different ways into new products,” says ACCOR Technology founder and CEO Jerry O’Neill. “Our newest design, 4ALL BOX, continues our commitment to deliver reliable and cost-effective innovations for the plumbing industry.”

Click here for more information about 4ALL BOX for Washing Machines  Click here for more information about 4ALL BOX for Ice Makers

4ALL BOX features:

  • Valve-to-Pipe Connection Fully Sealed Inside the Box
  • Trusted FlowTite 4ALL Valves Preinstalled Inside the Box
  • Secondary O-Ring Seals Box to Pipe
  • Three-way mounting options including unique mount between studs using a jobsite pipe (eliminating strapping accessories)
  • Protective cover to eliminate paint and mud cleanup

Like all ACCOR Products, 4ALL BOX is:

  • Backed by a 10-year residential warranty.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

ACCOR’s products are based on our experience in the field, where for 25 years we’ve learned a deep appreciation for the challenges that plumbing contractors face. Our mission is to provide superior performing products backed by the best warranty in the industry. With 4ALLBOX, we’re continuing that tradition.

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Customer loyalty requires more than just quality product

At ACCOR, we are no strangers to positive feedback from our customers — plumbers, contractors and maintenance managers. Since our sales are mostly direct to commercial clients, however, we don’t typically hear back from the end users like homeowners. Which is why this recent testimonial from a homeowner particularly struck a chord:

Plumbing Company Solves Expensive Warranty Issues After Switching to ACCOR

After years of leaks and other problems with other products, Whitton Plumbing experts turn from skeptics to ACCOR fans.


As a premier plumbing company in the Greater Phoenix area of Arizona, Whitton Plumbing prides itself in keeping its customers satisfied. That means the services come with a warranty and a quality guarantee.

Up until several years ago, that guarantee was causing challenges.

“We were using different supply stops with extensions — metal-style angle stops,” explains owner Ron Whitton. “We were losing money because of drips and leaks, and we were having to go back and do warranty work.”

The callbacks and warranty issues were costing the company thousands of dollars each year. So Whitton Pluming was continuously on the lookout for high-quality products that would improve efficiency.

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